2019 Valentine’s Day MagicBand featuring Pixar short Lava is now out

A 2019 Valentine’s Day themed MagicBand is now available at Walt Disney World. It features characters from the Pixar short film Lava. It has a limited edition size of 2400. The price is $34.99 and the SKU is 4000210584151. This is the fourth Valentine’s Day band Disney has released.

The actual MagicBand at retail features a pink icon/puck, not the blue puck as shown in the official Disney artwork pictures below.

If you want to order this band, you can do so by clicking this link which will take you right to the product.




Originally the band was to come with a blue icon/puck, but for some reason Disney changed it. Here is what the band was originally supposed to look like:

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  1. I just bought one yesterday have yet to try it out but in person it’s cool with the dual colors. I figure this one will sell better than the Star Wars Solo and wreck it Ralph one. All I need now is for Disney to drop a new avengers one.

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