2017 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party LE MagicBand revealed

There will be a new Limited Edition MagicBand for the 2017 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, which starts later today at 7pm (but guests can get in as early as 4pm) at the Magic Kingdom. You must attend the event in order to purchase this band. Disney has now come out with a special band for this event every year since 2014. This band does come in a special box and does make special effects at touch points in the Magic Kingdom (see video below). The price of the band is $32.99 and the edition size is 3000. The barcode SKU for this item is 400020540577. From what I’m told, the box smells like pine trees.



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  1. I like collecting the Christmas party bands, but I actually like the regular limited release holiday one they have online better. That’s a shame because it won’t have the effects that I love. This will be a tough decision!

    • Mike,

      Chances are you will be fine. I don’t go until 12/22 (last party) and I’m not to concerned. None of the MNSSHP or MVMCP bands have completely sold out at an event that I am aware of. There have always been leftovers after each party.

  2. Do you use this as you official band by switching the “smart” part from a standard name into this? Or is this just a cool looking additional band?

    • Sorry typing on phone. Do you switch the part from standard band to the a special design. Haven’t been to Disney since the bands have been around.

    • Sandra,

      If your referring to the puck “smart part” yes you can switch them out but I’m not sure why anyone would. It has not been confirmed yet, but I’d imagine this band will make special effects at touch points. You can use this band like any other band. Each band if not previously linked to a MDE account will work like any other band. With the only exception being that some bands (limited editions) might make special sounds and lighting at entry points where others will not. I hope that answers your question.

    • You don’t have to swap anything out. They are all linked to your online account, so you can wear any band interchangably, and they’ll all work!

      • I went to the MK this past Saturday and got mine when the party was not happening. I just showed them my Christmas Party tickets and they let me buy one for each person that was going. We’re going in a couple weeks and wanted everyone one to have them to go to the party with them on already.

  3. Could you please leave a description of what the sound is on limited edition magic bands? Some of the videos make it difficult to understand, like the video for this magic band.

    Plus, I’m particularly deaf. So, a caption is extremely useful to understand what is happening.

    • Hi Christine,

      If you go to an individual magicband listed on this site there are videos of the lights and sounds. With that being said though we don’t have every video of every band that makes special effects listed. I know Ethan puts them up as they come out once people post videos of the effects.

      Regarding this band there are no words, it’s just a jingle.

      • Each listed magic band that makes sound on this site do not provide a written description of the sound they make. Like how you described that this band makes a jingle. I know Ethan puts a lot of time and research into these bands, but having a description in the paragraph at the beginning would be helpful.

  4. Are the effects at MK only? I have no more days at MK after my party day and with no FP during the party, if the effects are MK only I would never get to see the effects this trip 🙁

  5. We just got home from Disney today. Was unaware that we could buy the Christmas band while at the party.

    Does anyone know of a way or contact to be able to purchase a band with proof of party ticket from ticket receipt?

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