2016 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party MagicBand announced

Today the Disney Parks Blog revealed the graphics and edition size for the Limited Edition 2016 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party MagicBand. The box does indeed have the graphics I predicted it would have just a few days ago. The band limited edition size has again been lowered this year to only 3000 (from 4000 in 2015, and 5000 in 2014), as Disney has had trouble selling all of the bands at previous parties. Hopefully this will make them a bit more exclusive. You can expect to see these on sale starting at the first party on September 2nd, 2016 for $32.99 each.

These items will not be available via the Shop Disney Parks app or the Disney Parks online store, and because of the lowered edition size I’m doubtful you’ll see these appear in the Disney Orlando-area outlets in 2017. The MagicBand will be released at Emporium and Box Office Gifts on Main Street, U.S.A in the Magic Kingdom during party hours only. You must show your party wristband to purchase one.

Once I obtain one of the bands I’ll be sure to post a video of the special effects at touchpoint locations.


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  1. At this rate if there is a food and wine magic band for this year they will probably release the info the week before Christmas.

  2. Those are super cute. I sure wish they were going to be on app. I won’t be at Disney until September 29…….. Oh, I hope there is one left for me….

  3. I’m not going until the last half of October, and I’ll be pretty unhappy if they’re all gone by then! Hopefully if they’re selling out Disney will be smart (and kind) enough to make more so that everyone going to the parties at least has a shot at getting one! I also hope they only allow one per customer to help avoid the jerks who buy them all up and sell them at outrageous prices on eBay!

  4. I am going to mnsshp on September 13th, so the 4th night. In your opinion do you think there will still be some left by the time that I go? I know it’s not an exact science, but I would rather not pay inflated ebay prices if there is a chance I can get one there.

  5. This may be a dumb question….. But if my tix are linked to the magic band that Disney sends me…. Can I also link it to a limited edition band?

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