Disney Cruise Line Captain Mickey Red – 2017

On Disney Cruise Lines (DCL) there is a Youth Activities Oceaneer Club. To allow kids to get in and out of the club quickly without the need for parents to be there, DCL has implemented a MagicBand system using what they call an Oceaneer Band. Parents take their kids to the Oceaneer Club and “check out” a band. Once the cruise is over, parents can return the bands or face a charge on their account. This makes these bands difficult to obtain. You can keep the bands if you wish though, as shown here on a excerpt from a daily Navigator page on board one of the cruise ships:

These will not work in any theme parks, although they are identical to MagicBands. Disney employees are technically able to add these to a My Disney Experience account for use in the park with some trickery to the system, but will not be able to do this for guests.

The bands sometimes come with a colored locking slider to prevent these from falling off of small children’s wrists during the length of the cruise. A black slider is a normal locking mechanism and a red slider indicates that the child has food allergies to be aware of.

Oceaneer MagicBands can be used to unlock exclusive Disney Cruise content in the Disney Infinity 3.0 video game. This is done on-board a Disney cruises in the kid’s club, but if the bands are taken off the ship they work at home as well.

There are also a number of prototype and test versions of Disney Cruise Line bands that was never released to the public which are in the Development section of this website.

This band was used in the kid’s clubs on Disney Cruise Line ships in 2017. It’s the first MagicBand 2 in use outside of the Walt Disney World theme parks.